Don’t Bring These 5 Items to Your Next Concert

It’s the day of your concert! Soon, you’ll start getting ready for a night of good music with great friends. Before you head out the door, there are a few items you should reconsider bringing. From harmful weapons to bulky bags, some items are better left at home.   

Here’s a quick list of items you should rethink before bringing to a crowded concert. Read on to learn more from Rocky Mount Event Center.

#1 Weapons

Weapons of any kind are prohibited from most concert venues. This includes any knives, automatic weapons, sharp objects, etc. Check with your venue to verify their tolerance policy on weapons and be sure to remove any from your person before entering the facility. If you don’t, even small, unassuming items like keychain knives will be thrown out.

#2 Animals

Animals of any kind are prohibited from the facility, with certain exceptions for service animals. Please leave your pet at home or in the care of a friend or family member, as they are not allowed inside most concert venues. Your concert venue will have a policy posted online of any animal restrictions.

#3 Babies

This may seem like a silly rule, but babies should not be at concerts for several reasons. The loud music and busy environment may overwhelm your child and make them uncomfortable. Because they are so small, their ears are susceptible to damage much more quickly, which could lead to hearing loss. Also, the lights, vibrations, and bustle of people could be painful, frightening or overwhelming.

If you have no other choice but to bring your baby, it’s best to be prepared. Bring noise canceling headphones to protect them from uncomfortable volumes. If you can, stay away from speakers and sound systems and plan to bring a bag stocked with diapers, formula, and other essentials your baby might need in the duration of the show.

#4 Signs

While signs are a quick and easy way to be spotted on cameras or convey your message to the artist, they are big, bulky, and disruptive. Don’t be that person! When you bring a sign to a concert, not only must you carry it around with you for the duration of the show, but your sign can poke, block, or annoy your neighbors as well. If you’d like to reach out to your favorite artist, send a funny tweet instead!

#5 A Bulky Bag or Wallet

When preparing to leave for the concert venue, bring only the essentials. At populated events like concerts, there’s a higher chance that your valuables can be lost or stolen. A good rule of thumb to follow is to bring only what you can carry. Keys, cell phone, tickets, and wallet are all the essentials you need for a good night out. If you must bring a bag or purse, downsize. Strip your wallet of cards you won’t use, and cut down to one form of payment, like cash or card. This way if your wallet is lost or stolen you still have important items back at home. For the ladies, bringing a crossbody purse will make you less likely to accidentally put it down and forget it.

Your Next Event at Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount is dedicated to providing safety and security of all guests who enter our facility. That’s why we ensure all unapproved items are left at the door for each event. Rocky Mount Event Center knows what it takes to pull off a spectacular event, which is why we’re the leading event center from Miami to New York! For a list of upcoming events at the new Rocky Mount Event Center, check out our website.