What’s It Like Working at an Event Center?

What’s It Like Working at an Event Center?

Rocky Mount Event Center is a new, active, and exciting event center in Rocky Mount, NC. Rocky Mount was opened with a unique vision to make a real impact on the area through events, youth sports, live shows and much more. We offer more than a few career opportunities, too. What’s it like to actually work at an event center? From day-to-day operations to preparing for a major event, read on to learn what it’s like to work at a brand new facility like Rocky Mount Event Center.

Busy Day-to-Day

Working at an event center means being busy every day you’re there. Event centers are inherently active places, especially with a special event going on. A venue like Rocky Mount offers a variety of different amenities and facilities, with many varying needs for staffing and general maintenance. Whether it’s keeping equipment in the gym working, making sure catering supplies are stocked, or keeping public-use areas clean and presentable at all times, there is always something important to do.

Preparing for Events

When it comes to an actual event, things can get stressful if you’re not prepared. Working at an event and serving guests requires a lot of preparation and patience. From setting up seating to preparing food, working with event planners, and dealing with anything that comes up during the event, there is a lot going on. Not only do you need to follow specific instructions, you need to be ready to deal with anything unexpected that occurs, too.

Customer Service Focused

Customer service is a major part of working at an event center. People are coming and going all day, so you have to have the right attitude. Like any customer service job, you need to be polite, friendly, approachable, respectful, and always ready to help. You also need to be knowledgeable about everything on offer so that you can answer any questions or direct the visitor to the right person.

Rewarding for the Right People

This might already sound like a lot, but the really important thing about working at an event center is how rewarding it can be. The satisfaction of an event going off without a hitch, seeing kids enjoy an unforgettable birthday party you helped put together, or getting glowing feedback from guests, fans, or players is all hard to beat. If you’re someone who likes to be active, has a passion for your community, and loves to be a part of the action, a job at an event center could be the perfect fit for you.

Book Your Event with Rocky Mount Event Center

If you’re looking for somewhere to hold an event — from kids’ birthday parties to business seminars or basketball tournaments — contact Rocky Mount Event Center. We can cater to any needs you have when it comes to events of all sizes. Interested in working at our venue? Take a look at our current employment opportunities.