Parking Etiquette at an Event Center

Common Courtesy: Parking Etiquette at an Event Center

Parking lot rage can affect the best of us. Common in congested areas and during rush hours, frustrations run high as more and more drivers pour onto the streets and fail to follow parking etiquette.

In large event center parking lots, there can be hundreds of cars circling for spaces at any given time. It’s important to understand proper parking etiquette so you can safely navigate your way to a parking spot. Here are some common courtesies for your next trip around the lot, brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center.

Go Slow

Parking lots are full of moving parts. Small children and pets won’t pay attention to drivers and could dart between cars at any time. As a driver, it’s important to follow the speed limits posted for situations like these. Some drivers will speed around, hoping to find an empty space quickly. In case of an accident, it looks bad on your part if you weren’t following the signs posted around the venue lot.

It may be tempting to secure a space by following an individual that’s walking to their car. However, this can make patrons feel rushed, anxious, and stalked. It’s best to search for an empty space elsewhere.

Make Your Intentions Clear

When you’ve found the perfect parking space, use your turn signals to indicate to others that you will be turning. Often, when two cars from opposite directions reach the same spot at the same time, there will be a standoff for who gets the parking space. Parking etiquette dictates that the first driver to use their turn signal claims rights to the spot.

By setting your intentions quickly and clearly, you eliminate the unhealthy power struggle that often occurs between two frustrated drivers. Other drivers may not adhere to the rules of the lot, but polite driving could help prevent accidents and unnecessary anger.

Park in the Center of your Space

As you’re parking, be courteous of your neighbors by centering your vehicle. If you must pull out and back in a couple times, then by all means, do so. But be aware of what’s behind you as you back out. When you park straight in your parking space you prevent scratches and bumps from careless drivers in the spots next to you. If you want more space, park as far from the entrance as possible. And don’t park across lines or take up multiple spaces.

Also, remember to never touch someone else’s vehicle! You wouldn’t want a stranger touching your vehicle, so why touch theirs?

Back out Slowly

Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean your parking lot etiquette ends. The conclusion of an event means streams of people leaving the venue at once. As you back out, pay close attention to walking pedestrians and passing cars. Just like pulling out of a driveway, the passing car has the right of way. While some may stop for you out of politeness, don’t expect this special treatment every time.

Parking at Rocky Mount Event Center

Unfortunately, parking lot rage happens often, but there are some ways you can help prevent accidents. Follow the speed limits, make your intentions clear, and practice spatial awareness. This may not be a complete cure for the common road rage, but they’re guidelines we should all try to follow.

These common parking courtesies were brought to you by the all-new Rocky Mount Event Center in Rocky Mount, NC. Visit our website for a list of upcoming events at this multimillion-dollar facility!