Enhance Your Skills on the Volleyball Court

3 Ways to Improve Your Game on the Volleyball Court

Girls playing on a volleyball court

Only people who have never played volleyball think the sport comes naturally to anyone tall enough to “smack” the ball over the net. They don’t understand the sprained ankles, the nuance of the perfect spike, the accuracy and touch of the perfect set, or the timing of the perfect block. Getting into the perfect groove on the volleyball court, however, takes a lot of work. Luckily, you don’t have to play all day every day to improve your game. Though nothing beats practice, you can take your practice off the volleyball court and still improve your game on the court.

Loosen Up

Perhaps. the most effective and quickest way to improve your game is through proper stretching. Everyone needs to limber up before a big game, but stretching regularly can also help you stay loose and ready for anything. The looser you are, the less likely you are to hurt yourself during a game. Stretching also causes your body to relax. An alert mind and relaxed body on the volleyball court allows you to react faster and stay sharp in high pressure situations.

Play Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t let anyone tell you volleyball isn’t a physical sport. Playing the sport at a high level takes good footwork, precise timing, and a lot of bursts of speed, but the best players rise above the rest by playing equally with their heads. Here are a few simple tips to playing smarter:

  1. Mentally prepare for the game and the next shot. Stay alert to every and all things taking place on the volleyball court, and shutout the rest.
  2. Predict your opponent’s play. You want to stay relaxed enough to not overcommit, but you should always think about where the gameplay might move next.
  3. Stay focused on your technique. Power and speed can only get you so far, and everyone knows a stronger spike is rarely more effective than a technically precise one.

Practice Your Technique Outside of Practice

You don’t have to be on the volleyball court to practice your technique. Try practicing your sets against a wall. Do quick sets against the wall for 30 seconds, then take a step back and set for a minute, then take another step back and set for for two minutes. You can also practice your sets while lying on your back. Try mixing it up. Set the ball high. Set the ball only a few inches from your hands.

You can also practice your passing by passing to yourself or against a wall. Focus on using your legs and body to get the speed and distance on the ball. Don’t worry about resetting. The point is to focus on the proper technique. Like all sports, volleyball takes muscle memory, and practicing passing against a wall or to yourself will improve your touch, timing, and form.

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