How to Get Ready for a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Getting Your Team Ready for a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

When preparing for a 3-on-3 tournament, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure you are ready to bring your team to the championship. Though ability is obviously important, it is also important to not overlook proper preparation. If you are searching for the best chance for success, you should follow a few steps to ensure your body is ready. Learn more below with Rocky Mount Event Center.

Check Your Equipment

Are your basketball shoes up to snuff? Have you washed your shorts? Is your water bottle clean? Running through a checklist and ensuring that your gear is ready gives you one less thing to stress about.

Learn the Rules of Your Basketball Tournament

While 3-on-3 basketball tournaments are often very similar as far as rules are concerned, being caught unaware because you weren’t prepared is a major mistake. Most basketball tournaments will have their rules and regulations either posted online or available at the time of sign-up. Familiarize the in’s and out’s of the rules so your team is ready to play.

Cut Back on Your Training Intensity

While you should still stay in shape in the weeks before your basketball tournament, it is a good idea to slow things down about two weeks before the tournament starts. Stay active, but ensure that you are well rested and healthy by the time the game starts.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to increase the amount of sleep you get each night to around 10 hours. While you may miss out on your favorite late night TV show, it will be worth it once the basketball tournament rolls around.

Schedule Some Light Practices

One of the best parts about 3-on-3 basketball tournaments is how easy it is to get everyone together. Get together and create some rudimentary plays. Things like ball screens, off-ball screens, pick and rolls, etc. Creating a few plays will give your team a leg up when the game gets tight.

Carb Up Before Game Day

The day of your tournament it is important to get a meal high in both carbs and protein so your body has the fuel it needs. Something like pasta and chicken breast will give you the energy to perform at your best.

Work on Relaxation

The moments before a 3-on-3 basketball tournament can be nerve wracking. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Visualize your success and avoid negative or anxious thoughts. You have prepared for this moment — go out and enjoy it.

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