What Should I Ask My Wedding Venue?

Preparing for your wedding can be a ton of work. And picking the perfect wedding venue is one of the more important aspects of making sure your wedding is the dream event you have been hoping for. However, there are more than just aesthetic factors that you should consider when picking your wedding venue. Logistics have a much larger impact on the success of your wedding. As such, it is important to thoroughly vet each location. Today, Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss the top 20 questions you should ask your potential wedding venue before committing to that location.

20 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Venues

  1. What dates will the venue have available?
  2. How much is the deposit? Is it refundable? What are payment options?
  3. What are the cancellation deadlines?
  4. Will the venue be large enough for my wedding party?
  5. How long will my wedding party have access to the venue?
  6. Can we re-decorate or re-arrange to fit my aesthetic goals?
  7. How much preparation time will my party have? How early can my vendors arrive to set up?
  8. Is there an outdoor space included for the party to socialize? Is the outdoor area protected in case of bad weather?
  9. Is there an in-house caterer or do you have preferred catering companies you work closely with?
  10. Do you have kitchen facilities available for my catering service?
  11. Does your catering service offer alternative diet options? (Vegan, Gluten-Free, etc)
  12. Are tables and seating included with the venue, or should I rent these items through my caterer?
  13. Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks? Is there a corkage fee?
  14. Can the wedding venue accommodate a live band or a DJ? Are there any musical restrictions?
  15. What are the lighting and sound capabilities of the wedding venue?
  16. Is there sufficient parking available on-site? Is parking complimentary? Do you offer valet service?
  17. Does your venue have liability service in case one of my guests is injured? (If your wedding venue does not, look to invest in liability insurance.)
  18. What kind of dance floor does your venue have? Will it be large enough for my party?
  19. Is your venue handicap accessible? Are wheelchair ramps available?
  20. What available overnight accommodations are near your wedding venue? (Nearby Hotels, many offer newlywed discounts)

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