How to Perfectly Set Up Your Corporate Event Meeting Room

How to Prepare Your Meeting Room for a Corporate Event

Corporate Meeting Room at Rocky Mount Event Center

Preparing a meeting room for a corporate event is much more than simply setting up tables, chairs, and a projector. If you ignore the little details, you may find your meeting participants becoming distracted or unengaged. If you are trying to impress the people attending your meeting, ensure that you don’t overlook the details. Today, Rocky Mount Event Center will share some tips that will ensure your meeting room is prepared for your next corporate event.

Ensure You Reserve Plenty of Time

The first thing you should do when preparing for a corporate event is to ensure you have your selected meeting room booked for the date and times that you need. Contact the event center at least a couple weeks in advance to ensure that you get the date that you need. If you are planning on marketing your event and want to give yourself time to attract visitors, event booking a few months ahead of time is not out of the question.

In addition, make sure you have enough time for your meeting with at least an extra half hour for both setup and cleanup. If you are planning on having a long meeting, it can also be a good idea to offer catering arrangements to your group to keep them fed and engaged. If you want to offer something like light lunch or brunch options give your meeting a little extra time to ensure you can still get through your content and any questions you will need to field.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged

Even the best planned corporate events can get boring from time to time. Offering coffee can only go so far if you spend the time talking at people. Preparing visual aids can help to make sure you grab attention from time to time. However, one of the best tips for keeping people active and engaged is actually the way you setup the meeting room.

Most corporate planners now recommend creating an environment where all of the participants are facing one another, either in a round or oval table to help promote engagement. The “classroom” setup where you speak in front of a group of people tends to foster less engagement and less active listening. If you are offering a sales pitch or conference, lecture seating may be the best setup as you generally will want full control of the meeting. Creating the right environment for your particular meeting type is a key aspect of ensuring your event goes according to plan.

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Rocky Mount Event Center is creating a state-of-the-art meeting room perfect for corporate events and company meetings. You can even enjoy a little recreation time after your meeting is over at our basketball courts or adventure center. Get your participants excited about your event by booking with Rocky Mount Event Center today!