Why the Libero is the Most Underrated Player on the Volleyball Court

Libero: The Underrated Key to Success on the Volleyball Court

When people think about volleyball, they tend to focus on the big athletic players making blocks and spiking the ball. This is understandable, as these are often the most exciting plays on the volleyball court. However, one of the most underrated players on the team is the libero. Liberos are the defensive stalwarts on every team — and while their role may not be as exciting, it is key to a volleyball team’s success. Today, Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss why the libero is the most underrated player on the volleyball court.

What is the Libero?

Have you ever wondered why one player on the volleyball court is wearing a different jersey than the others? This person is the designated libero of each team. They are the defensive specialists on the court and have to follow a few rules the other players do not. For instance, liberos cannot pass in front of the 10-foot line on the court. They also cannot attack a ball in front of the 10-foot line if the ball is above the net. Liberos cannot block, attempt a block, or set an attacker from the frontcourt. They are also not allowed to serve, except in the NCAA women’s game.

Many coaches see the libero as a sort of “defensive captain.” They are in charge of the back row and are usually first to receive the opponent’s attack. While hitters tend to get the most attention, they cannot perform their job without a libero beginning the play.

What to Look for in a Quality Libero Player?

The libero is not the most physically taxing position on the volleyball court. However, their need to coach the back row, predict the opponent’s attack, and deliver consistent passes make the position the most mentally taxing. Successful liberos must be mentally tough, quick on their feet, and great communicators. Since the libero has no attack responsibilities, they must chase down every defensive ball that they can. Perhaps the most important quality of a good libero, however, is unselfish play. Their play on the volleyball court will often go unnoticed and underappreciated.

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