Drills for the Basketball Court: Team Drills

Team Drills to Run on the Basketball Court

Running some fundamental team drills with your team will make sure they’re ready for any situation on the basketball court. There are plenty of drills out there to choose from, but today we’ll be highlighting some of the basic ones. Remember, basic doesn’t mean low-quality. Drilling these fundamentals gets your team on the same page.

Three Man Weave

This is a classic drill that your players are probably already familiar with. A key to any team’s success is ball movement and good passing skills. The three man weave teaches ball movement, speed, and agility on the basketball court. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Have three players start at the baseline
  • Give the ball to the player in the middle
  • They pass the ball to either the left or right
  • Immediately after passing, they need to go and run behind the receiver
  • As they pass, they’re moving down the court
  • Once they get to the other side, the last player shoots a layup


Knockout is a great game to practice shooting skills, rebounding, and general basketball court awareness. It’s also a great cardio workout. The other bonus is that your players probably love to do this drill because it’s actually pretty fun. Here are the rules:

  • Every player gets in a single file line behind the free throw line
  • The first two players each get a ball
  • The first player shoots from the free throw line
  • The second player shoots immediately after
  • If the first player makes it, they rebound and pass to the next player in line
  • If the second player makes it before the first player can, that player is out
  • This continues until all but one of the players has been knocked out

Dribble Knockout

This drill is great to help kids improve their dribbling skills and ability to protect the ball. Here’s how to do it:

  • Have all team members stand within the three-point arch on the basketball court
  • Every player has a ball
  • When time starts, everyone starts dribbling
  • The goal is to knock other players balls out of bounds while protecting your own
  • This goes on until all but one player has been eliminated
  • Make sure you watch out for players double dribbling or traveling, as this is an automatic knockout

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