How to Host a Volleyball Themed Birthday Party

How to Host a Volleyball Themed Birthday Party

If your son or daughter is a volleyball fanatic, hosting a volleyball-themed birthday party at the Rocky Mount Event Center could be the perfect celebration. Most child athletes make a majority of their friends from sports teams and activities. What better way to bring their friends and get the group excited than hosting a birthday party based around their common interests? Today, Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss how to plan and host the perfect volleyball birthday party for your young athlete.

Birthday Party Decorations

Depending on your preferences, there are a few different ways you can decorate a volleyball birthday party. If your son or daughter is on an organized team, think about using their team colors in the design theme. Incorporate the team’s colors and logos into the tableware, decorations, and snacks. Hang up team pictures, jerseys, pennants, or a volleyball net to immediately set the theme. Cut a volleyball in half to create an interesting centerpiece for your table, or to act as a serving bowl for snacks. Use white balloons with black lines drawn on to make them look like volleyballs.

Activities to Hold

  • T-shirt “jersey” decorations – Buy shirts and have your guests decorate their “jerseys” in the way that they want. Fabric markers and paint allow them to pick their favorite colors and designs.
  • Face Painting – Paint small volleyballs or their team logo on their faces with allergen-free body paint. You can also order temporary tattoos in custom designs.
  • Volleyball Game – The obvious big attraction would be to let your guests play volleyball. Hosting your birthday party at the Rocky Mount Event Center where you can rent to 16 volleyball courts so your guests can play to their heart’s content.

Volleyball Party Favor Ideas

Goody bags are a hit at any birthday party! Get white bags with black ribbon ties and fill them with toys or candy. Volleyball style sunglasses and crazy socks are a fun addition to your party, too. Cookies decorated to look like volleyballs are easy to make at home, and a volleyball-themed cake can be ordered from any cake designer or baked goods store.

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