Rocky Mount Event Center’s Guide to Event Catering

Rocky Mount Event Center’s Guide to Event Catering

Rocky Mount Event Center has been carefully designed as the premier, industry-leading event center for our clients. We have laid the groundwork for providing the best in event facilities, wedding venue spaces, tradeshow amenities and much more. If you’re looking into event catering, the Rocky Mount Event Center team can provide you with helpful advice on how to get the most out of your catering arrangements. Whatever kind of event you’re planning, read on for helpful catering tips.

Plan Your Menu Carefully

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog, you might remember our entry on planning children’s’ birthday parties and the importance of food allergies. This kind of awareness is no different for adults. You should carefully plan what to offer when it comes to catering, especially if it’s for a larger event.

Include gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan options, and make sure you can be confident in the quality of any alternative food items. A common complaint from larger events is limited or poor food options for those with special dietary requirements — if any were provided at all. If you’re planning with a theme, make your alternative options fit. You can be as imaginative with specialty items as you are with more standard food options.

Find Good Sources and Suppliers

Whatever your menu provides, you should source ingredients and items from reliable, high-quality suppliers. It can be tempting for some event planners to sacrifice quality in order to save on a budget, but event attendees will notice. If you skimp on the quality of the food you offer, you’re going to gain a reputation for poor quality.

Hire an Outside Catering Service

For most people, it’s much easier to hire a catering service than to plan and organize it themselves. This is understable when there’s a catering budget to manage and so many factors to consider.

If you’re considering hiring a catering service, do your research first. Look extensively into reviews and feedback from previous clients, and consider the balance between cost and quality. Don’t be shy about contacting a number of catering service providers and asking questions before you hire one.

Hold It At a Venue That Offers Full Catering

Booking your event in a venue that provides catering in-house is probably your easiest option, and the Rocky Mount Event Center will be able to provide everything you need. Opening later in 2018, Rocky Mount Event Center has been built to house events of all sizes, and we’ll work with you to make sure your event is catered to the highest standard.

Book Your Event at Rocky Mount Event Center

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your event later this year, contact the event planning team at Rocky Mount Event Center. For an unforgettable event, let us organize, manage, and cater. Book your next event at the center of it all — book the Rocky Mount Event Center.