What to Avoid When Choosing a Concert Venue

Red Flags to Watch Out for at a Concert Venue

You have a lot to consider when selecting an appropriate concert venue. You need one that can handle a crowd, provide food & drink service, and more. There are some red flags you should look out for, too, when selecting your next venue. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we discuss some of these red flags.

Lack of Transparency

The first red flag that signifies a concert venue isn’t worth your time is when the people who run the venue aren’t transparent with you. They should be able to answer any questions you may have about their venue and about the event. If it seems like they’re avoiding questions or if they don’t seem to know a lot about their own venue, that’s a red flag. It also shows you that their customer service will most likely be lacking and that they won’t be much help after they get your money.

Lack of Equipment

A good concert venue should be properly equipped to handle an event. They need enough seating to accommodate the size of your concert. They should also have a quality stage, good sound and lighting equipment, and, preferably, concessions available. Of course, you’ll also need a backstage area and places for the artists to prepare before a set and rest afterward. Not all concert venues have the facilities and equipment to meet the needs of a large-scale event.

Bad Past Experiences

You can also seek out more information on a concert venue through their previous clients. If previous clientele have had bad experiences, you know this concert venue probably isn’t right for you. For an idea of the typical concert-goer’s experience, you can always check the online reviews. If there are a lot of one-star and two-star reviews complaining about similar problems they’ve had with the concert venue, that’s a definite red flag. That means the venue isn’t paying attention to their issues or making efforts to fix them.

Choose Rocky Mount Event Center as Your Concert Venue

If you’re searching for a concert venue in the North Carolina area, look no further. Rocky Mount Event Center is opening in Fall 2018 and will have everything you need to put on an incredible show. With 75,000 square feet of dedicated event space, enough room for 4,000 people, concession stands, and catering, our event center will be the perfect place to hold your concert. Contact us today for more information about booking our event space.