What You Need to Know About Planning a Volleyball Tournament

Planning a Volleyball Tournament? Here’s What You Need to Know

Sports tournaments are a great way to have fun in your community and encourage people to be active and get involved. If you are interested in planning a volleyball tournament, you may be unsure where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Decide the Scope of the Volleyball Tournament

The first step in planning a volleyball tournament is deciding how big you want the event to be. Do you want just local school teams to join? Do you want to make it an adults-only league? Co-ed, or guys and girls separately? How many people per team will you allow? These are just a few of the questions you need to consider.

Once you have a better idea of the group you want at your volleyball tournament, you have to decide how big you want to let it get. If this is your first volleyball tournament, we recommend keeping the size fairly small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Perhaps set the cap at 10-20 teams to keep things under control. However, if you feel confident in your capabilities, you can increase your cap to a higher number.

Choose Dates and Times

Now that you have decided who you are targeting to play in your volleyball tournament and the maximum number of teams you’ll allow to compete, it’s time to figure out when the tournament will be. This takes a bit of planning, especially if volleyball is a popular sport in your area. Weekends are the ideal time for a volleyball tournament because most people don’t have school and don’t have to work. Be sure to keep any big events in the area in mind, as well as other tournaments to get as many people to your event as possible. We recommend having a few different weekends chosen so that you can narrow down your choice based on the availability of your venue.

Find the Right Event Center

After picking a few different weekends for your tournament, it’s time to find a place that can host it! If you’re in the North Carolina area, Rocky Mount Event Center is a great choice. We have 16 volleyball courts, so no matter the size of your volleyball tournament, we can accommodate your needs.

If you aren’t in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area, you still have options. Check with local schools to see if you can rent out a gym, or see if a recreation center is available. With your event center in place, you can then determine registration fees and more.

Get Workers for the Event

Unless you can clone yourself at will, you won’t be able to host a volleyball tournament all by yourself. You need people to take registration, referees for the games, judges to award trophies to the winners, and a whole slew of other people to keep the event running. Keep this in mind when planning your event, otherwise, you’ll be wishing you can be in ten places at once!

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

Now that you have a date, a location, and workers for the event, it’s time to get your teams. Advertising is the best way to do this. Make a Facebook event, take advantage of your local radio and TV stations’ community calendars, and don’t forget about the advertising classic — flyers! With some ingenuity and a bit of hard work, your volleyball tournament will be a success.