Choosing The Best Birthday Cake For Your Birthday Party

Birthday Party Basics: The Perfect Birthday Cake

The best birthdays aren’t complete without a cake! Choosing the right cake for your birthday party can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you want or how to please everyone. If you’re having trouble deciding on a cake, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you choose and design your perfect cake.


First, how big of a party are you serving? 10 people? 100? Whatever the case, knowing the number of people you’re feeding will help determine how much cake should be made and how big it’s going to be. This also helps with the design aspect because it will be hard to put a big design on a little cake. Determining the size of cake you’ll need is step one in the planning process.


Have a favorite flavor? Picking the type of cake and flavor is one of the more difficult parts if you’re trying to feed a big birthday party. You can never go wrong with just white or chocolate cake. Or you can always spice things up with an ice cream cake or cupcakes! Choose a flavor that you like or that’ll please the most people — whatever you decide!


Does your birthday party have a theme, and if so, will it be decorated to match? For example, you can’t have a taco-themed birthday party without a taco-themed cake! Same thing with a zoo party theme. When it comes to decorating, choose the right design that fits your party needs.


Do you want your cake to have some type of architecture, or will a sheet cake do the job? While the shape of your cake may not matter to some, it could make all the difference depending on the party theme. A taco-themed birthday party may not have the same effect if the taco is on a square cake rather than a taco-shaped cake. Be thoughtful when deciding on a shape as it can make all the difference.  


Does your cake have a message, or do you want to say anything at all on the front? Sometimes designs speak louder than words, but in other cases, it wouldn’t hurt to have a “happy birthday” on the front. Let your cake speak for itself, or have a little message put on the front of it.

Dietary Restrictions

Your cake may be scrumptious, but if no one can eat it, then why bother getting it? Before you place the final order, make sure that the people you’re serving don’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions that may prevent them from enjoying your cake!

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