Safety Tips To Follow At Your Next Concert Venue

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind At Your Next Concert Venue

Concerts are exciting to attend. Watching your favorite band perform can be one of the best times of your life. It’s important to keep in mind that the unexpected can happen at any time, too. Before you leave for the concert venue, keep these safety tips in mind in case something goes wrong.

Don’t Go Alone

If you can help it, try not to attend a concert venue alone. Bring a friend with you. That way, you have someone to spend time with and who can help you should anything unfortunate occur.

Protect Your Money

Being close to so many different people, someone can easily reach into your pocket and steal your wallet without you even realizing it. Bring as little money as you can with you and hide it somewhere on you that’s not easy to reach, like your shoe. That way, you have little money to lose, and if you do lose it, it’s not your entire life savings.

Watch For Concert Venue Security

If you’re really concerned for your safety, keep an eye out for where the security guards in the room are positioned. That way, in case something happens, you know exactly where security is if you need to get their attention.

Have A Meeting Place

In case you get separated from your group or friend, establish a meeting place at your concert venue in case you get lost. For instance, your meeting place could be at the front of the concert venue or outside the bathrooms, this way you can always meet back up in case you lose track of each other.

Let People Know Where You Are

Before leaving for the concert, let your parents or friends know where you’re going and what time they should expect you back home. If something goes wrong and you’re not home when they expect you to be, they know to contact someone if you’re missing.

Plan For A Ride Home

Establish how you’re getting home so you can plan what time you need to leave. If you decide to drink at the concert, make sure you have someone else who can drive you home, whether that be an Uber or a friend or family member.

Don’t Leave With Anyone You Don’t Know

Although you may meet some nice people at the concert, don’t leave with anyone you don’t know. If you do want to see them again, have them jot down their number for you and meet them another time in a safer environment.

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