Cheer Competitions At Rocky Mount Event Center

Cheer Competitions At Rocky Mount Event Center

Cheer competitions are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. As more people get involved in the world of cheer, that means more tournaments and competitions are forming! If you’re looking to host your next cheer competition, Rocky Mount Event Center has all the amenities you need to host a successful competition.

Competition Space

The Rocky Mount Event Center has enough space to host any size competition. With 75,000 square feet of uninterrupted playing space, Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect arena for cheer and dance. Our area can be converted to a 50’ x 94’ master event space that can seat over 4,000 spectators. Whether you need a big or small space, Rocky Mount can adjust to whatever crowd you want to host.

Concessions Area

Sometimes competitions can run long into the day without many breaks. Thankfully, Rocky Mount Event Center has concession options for any event. Enjoy your favorite concession favorites at ease with no need to worry about leaving the event to grab a bite to eat! Need to feed a bigger crowd? Think about checking out some of our catering options! We can feed all kinds of crowds of any size.

Easy Travel

Some event centers can be inconveniently placed for cheer competitions. Family and friends can end up traveling hundreds of miles just to see their desired performer. The Rocky Mount Event Center is conveniently located at the midway point of Miami and New York, right in the heart of downtown Rocky Mount, North Carolina. You’ll love visiting the downtown atmosphere and experiencing the food, culture, and locals in the area.

Other Amenities

Sometimes you need an event center that is universal and has more options for entertainment. If you’re looking for a location that can hold a competition and more, Rocky Mount has tons of other entertainment options including an arcade, aerial ropes course, soft play area and more!

Choose Rocky Mount To Host Your Next Cheer Competition

The Rocky Mount Event Center is located neatly between New York and Miami. We offer in-house catering services as well as concessions perfect for your cheer competition. We offer customizable rooms and an array of awesome services like our arcade or Clip n’ Climb area. If you are looking for an event center experience as elaborate as you would find in the big city but without the bustle, check out Rocky Mount Event Center.