Rocky Mount Event Center: Common Drills For Basketball Coaches

Rocky Mount Event Center Looks at Some Common Drills For Basketball Coaches

Coaching a youth basketball team can be incredibly rewarding. A good coach should emphasize having fun, the importance of fitness, and creating a memorable experience for his or her players. Since kids aren’t born knowing how to play basketball, it should also be a great learning experience for the team.  

In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center takes a look at some common practice drills that will help teach young basketball players the foundation of this great game.

Form Shooting

There are two ways to form shoot: one hand or two hands.  Form shooting is done close up to the basket, about as far away as a layup, and is a slow, methodical drill. Form shooting promotes muscle memory and allows young basketball players to develop their shooting form. As young players become more comfortable and adept with form shooting drills, it will improve their game speed shooting.

Two Ball Dribbling

For a youngster just learning the game, dribbling can be a challenge. Most young players learn quickly learn to dribble with their dominant hand, but their non-dominant hand often remains weak. Practicing basketball drills where players dribble two basketballs at once helps them become more comfortable using their non-dominant hand and challenges their hand-eye coordination. If a player can develop their ability to dribble two basketballs at once, they will easily be able to dribble with one hand at a time.

Wall Passing Drill

Passing is a skill that is often overlooked in youth practices, even though it is a crucial skill for young players to learn. Guards, for instance, should become adept at passing with both hands. Wall passing is an excellent drill to get kids used to the proper form of the pass. Stand 15 feet or so in front of a solid wall and work on the basics. Have your player practice their chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. At the same time, have them focus on their mechanics. For instance, with a chest pass, start with hands on the sides of the basketball, thumbs down, step into the pass and throw.


One-on-One is a great drill that allows players to put all that they have learned together for some real time hoops. To get the most out of this drill, implement rules such as dribble limits. It can also be beneficial to pair up players who are not the same size or speed. In real games, players and similarly skilled opponents will often be matched up.

Basketball at Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect place for holding basketball camps and clinics.  Players can come and play and learn to be the best they can be. We open our doors in the fall of 2018. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center to discuss your basketball tournament, camp or clinic.