Rocky Mount Event Center: Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Rocky Mount Event Center Shares Some Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Ring

There is a lot to think about when selecting a wedding ring. Do you buy gold or platinum? Should it be a ruby or a diamond? Do you want your wedding and engagement rings to be the same metal? If the selection choices aren’t enough to make you dizzy, there is also the added pressure of knowing that you are choosing a ring that will last forever.

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect venue for your wedding. We can help you have a beautiful ceremony and a dazzling reception. In today’s blog, we are going to look at some tips for choosing your wedding ring.

Start Researching Early

It’s wise to allow at least three months before the wedding to shop for a ring. Throughout this time you can research designs and prices. Also, once you know the size and the type of ring you want, you can start trying them on and doing some comparison shopping. If you want a custom ring, however, that can take more time. Engraving can take more time as well.

Know Your Budget

Buying a wedding ring can do some damage to your wallet. Standard platinum or 14k gold bands can cost around $1000. Of course, diamonds or engravings will considerably impact the cost of your ring. Understanding your budget and how that will affect your purchase is important to know before you begin shopping.

Should Rings Match? It’s Up To You

There is no rule that says you and your partner’s ring have to look the same. Everyone is different. You may want gold, while your partner may want platinum. You should both choose a ring that fits your personal style.

Choose the Right Size

You want to choose a ring that is loose enough that you don’t notice it when you are wearing it day to day, but tight enough that it won’t come off when swimming or gardening. Mornings are not a good time to try on rings for size, as our fingers often have a slight swell after sleeping all night.

Think Ahead

Try to choose a timeless piece that you can picture looking at for the rest of your life. Don’t just follow whatever the current trend is today. Also, don’t overthink it. While the ring symbolizes your marriage, it is not the ring that you are married to.

Does It Suit Your Day to Day Life?

This is a ring that you will be wearing every day, perhaps for the rest of your life. If your everyday life involves a lot of hands-on work, you might want to select a 9-karat ring as it is stronger than 18 or 14-karat. If you are super active than platinum or 9-karat gold might be the best metal for your ring. Remember, a soft 18-karat gold ring will need to be reshaped more often if you are highly active most days.

Rocky Mount Event Center Would Like to Be Your Event Center

Make Rocky Mount Event Center your perfect wedding venue. We can help you with a beautiful ceremony and the perfect reception. We can even cater the event for you. Contact us today to discuss your wedding plans.