Meeting Room Uses for Things Other Than Meetings

Alternative Meeting Room Uses

Meeting rooms are obviously designed, as their name implies, for meetings. However, just because you aren’t planning a big meeting doesn’t mean these rooms can’t be useful! At Rocky Mount Event Center, we know that our meeting rooms can be used for so much more than just meetings. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most interesting uses for these rooms that have nothing to do with a meeting.

Temporary Office

If you are traveling for work or are working at a different location for a while, you may be in need of a larger space where you can get work done for a few hours with minimal interruptions. A meeting room is a great space where you can set up your computer, your paperwork, and whatever else you are working on and have space for yourself. Most rooms should have WiFi, plenty of outlets for your electronics, and a table or working space that is perfect for whatever you need.

Game Night

What’s more fun than a game night with friends? Board games are great, but certain games require a larger playing space than a typical dining room table can provide. Set your game night up for success by having it at a meeting room! There’s plenty of parking for all of your friends, and you can even potentially have enough space to have several games going at the same time. Bring snacks, your favorite games, and your best pals for a spectacular game night!

Rehearsal Space

Need a place to practice a presentation, a speech, or a small show? A meeting room can be a handy place for a quick rehearsal. Whether you are preparing for a presentation all on your own or a group of people, you will have plenty of room for a few quick run-throughs to make sure you are ready to go. Preparing for a big presentation is especially beneficial in a meeting room, as most have audio/visual equipment available so you can practice with any visuals you are using.

Art Showcase

It’s likely that a meeting room isn’t the first thing you think of when considering a location for an art showcase. However, if you are searching for a place for a small showcase where you can feature a few key pieces and have people come and mingle and appreciate the work, a meeting room can work perfectly. Why book an expensive gallery or studio with minimal parking and cramped space?

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