How to Choose a Birthday Party Theme

Choosing a Theme for a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a friend or loved one is a big responsibility. You could easily plan something simple with a few decorations, a cake, and party games. But if the birthday party is celebrating a milestone — or if it’s for someone who takes their birthday very seriously — you will probably want to do something more than just the basics.

One of the best ways to throw a great party is to choose a theme — but how do you pick the right theme? The event planning experts at Rocky Mount Event Center have a few questions to help you find the perfect theme for the party.

What Does the Birthday Person Like?

Since the party is all about the birthday person, it is essential to pick the theme based on their preferences. What are some of their favorite things? Do they have a favorite movie or tv show? Is there a place that they’d love to visit one day? Are they musical? Do they love a specific time in history? Asking these questions and more can help you find the perfect theme for their birthday party.

Is It Too Much?

Once you have come up with a few ideas for a theme, it’s time to do a bit of research. Many themes will sound good as an idea but won’t work from a practical sense. An 18th-century Victorian soiree may be the absolute perfect theme for your friend’s birthday party — but it would also require period costumes, difficult-to-find decor items, and an appropriate venue. While you want the best for the birthday guy or girl, you have to work within the timeframes and budget that you have set for the party. You don’t necessarily want to choose a generic theme, but you also don’t want to create unnecessary stress for yourself.

Can You Get the Right Birthday Party Decorations?

The birthday party theme should be evident in every aspect of the party, from the invitations to the venue and the food. However, the decorations are going to be the most prominent way you show the theme. Whatever theme you decide on, you’ll need to be able to get the decorations that create that theme for the guests.

Think beyond streamers and balloons. To truly have a themed party, think about the plates used to serve the food, the centerpieces on the tables, the containers used to serve drinks, the music you choose, the lighting if you are able to adjust it at the event venue, and even what the party guests should wear.