Why Go to an Arcade in North Carolina?

Why You Should Visit an Arcade in North Carolina

When most people think of arcades, they picture arcades in their heyday: rows of arcade cabinets featuring some of the most popular games of the 80s and 90s. To many, arcades are a relic of the past — but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Video arcades are a great place to spend the day, and the team at the Rocky Mount Event Center explains why. Read on to learn why you should visit an arcade in North Carolina.

Get Out of the House

It’s no question that you can play video games in the comfort of your own home. Consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox bring high-quality games right to your TV, while PC games and mobile games bring the fun right to your personal screens. Although it can be fun to game at home, sometimes you need to get out of the house! By visiting an arcade in North Carolina, you get to enjoy the fun that comes with video games while experiencing a new location.

Play Something New

Anyone who is an active gamer knows that regularly getting new games for your console is costly. If you’re in the mood to play something new but you don’t want to drop a bunch of money on a new game, head to an arcade! Get that feeling of novelty and excitement at a fraction of the cost of a new console game. In fact, you have the opportunity to play a large selection of new games without investing all your money into one game.

Also, arcades have way more interactive games than what you can find on a home console. Instead of just button mashing the day away, get on your feet and test your skills on a dancing game, or see if you can finally get that prize you’ve been eyeing from the claw machine. You’ll have hours of fun!

Do More than Just Game

Not all arcades have all the same features. At the Rocky Mount Event Center arcade in North Carolina, we have more than just a video arcade. Our location also has indoor ropes courses and rock walls — as well as our Clip N’ Climb area — so you can climb to your heart’s content. Worried that a younger brother, sister, or friend may not have anything to do? We offer a soft play area for the very little ones to play and socialize, and our Clip N’ Climb area is open to children ages 4 and up!

Plan Your Visit to an Arcade in North Carolina

If you’re looking for an arcade in North Carolina, plan a visit to the Rocky Mount Event Center! We are opening in the fall of 2018 and would love to have you come and visit. Contact us today to learn more about our arcade in North Carolina, or our basketball and volleyball courts.