Tips To Keep Your Uniform Clean During A Basketball Tournament

How To Keep Your Uniform Clean During A Basketball Tournament

Throughout the basketball tournament, you may not have a lot of time to wash your child’s uniform before and after they play each game. Want to make sure they don’t stink up the basketball court? Here are some tips to keep your child’s uniform fresh and smelling great all day long.

Fabric Refreshers

If your child is going back and forth between games, spray their uniform with some fabric spray. While it’s not a perfect fix, this will keep your child’s uniform smelling fresh until their next game. A few spritzes all over the uniform will kill odors fast, keeping your uniform smelling like new.

Dryer Sheets

If your child’s basketball shoes get wet, they can smell for weeks or even months. Trust us — it isn’t a pleasant smell. At the first sign of odor, place some dryer sheets in your child’s shoes. The scent from the dryer sheet will stick to the inside of the shoes and get them smelling clean and fresh once more. Until you can get the shoes home and cleaned in the washing machine, dryer sheets are a simple and quick fix.


Need to keep your car seats from getting wet or smelly? Lay down some towels over your seats to absorb the smell and sweat. Grab some old beach towels and lay them across the bottom of the seat. That way, when your child leans back, they don’t drip smelly sweat onto your car seats.

Plastic Bags

If your child’s uniform is stinky beyond repair, instead of tossing it in with your other dirty clothes, place it in a plastic bag. Doing this prevents the smell from seeping into your other clothing items that may be less dirty. When you’re finally ready to wash the uniform, just take it out of the bag and wash it by itself.

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