Avoiding a Low-Quality Event Center Concession Stand

Concession stands can either make or break an event center. While they are an excellent place to grab a bite to eat at your event, they could also be your worst nightmare if they are managed incorrectly. Food which isn’t properly heated, chilled or cooked could land you straight in the hospital with a bad case of food poisoning. If you’re thinking about grabbing some food at a concession stand, here are some red flags to look for.

Out of Everything

While it may be that the stand is just successful, if you see menu items crossed off the list and you’re at the back of the line, you may be better off looking elsewhere. The stand may be running out of items due to lack of planning and poor management. If the stand is conspicuously out of all the basic staples, you may need to be thinking about other food options.


Flies and other critters are a very bad sign when it comes to food service. If you see lots of fruit flies or other insects crawling around behind the counter, it’s best to stay away. You definitely don’t want a creepy crawly in your food!

Animal Traps

If you notice animal or insect traps behind the counter or off to the side of the concession stand, that typically means there are pests they are trying to exterminate. Any animals or bugs that get into the service area will contaminate the food, and you should simply move on.   

Grease And Grime

A clean kitchen is the only type of kitchen that should be serving food. If you notice any dirt, grease, or old looking food, the food probably isn’t safe to eat.

Bad Reviews

Sitting at the game and see someone munching on something you were thinking about ordering? Ask them how it tastes and if it’s worth ordering! Word of mouth can be one of the most popular ways to let people know how you feel about something. If the person you’re asking isn’t the biggest fan of the item, you may want to rethink your choice.

Unmanaged Condiment Table

A messy condiment table can say a lot about a business. It hints at neglect and shows that management doesn’t seem to care how its business looks to customers. If the restaurant is a mess, who knows how the actual food will be? Steer clear!

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