Tips for Volleyball Tournament Spirit

Showing Spirit at Your Child’s Volleyball Tournament

Wear Gear Affiliated With Their Team

When you attend your child’s volleyball tournament, dress for the part! Wear any t-shirts, hats or other clothing affiliated with their team name. Don’t have any? Wear their team’s colors instead. It’ll show that you care about watching them play, and it’ll let everyone know that you support your team!

Cheer Them On

If you see your child or any of their teammates accomplish something good during their volleyball tournament, yell it out and let them know! While you don’t want to be too distracting, complimenting the team’s hustle and work ethic during the game can help motivate them to keep up the good work and help them do better.

Make A Sign

Not the most vocal of parents? Make a sign to hold up when your child is playing during their volleyball tournament. It’ll make your child feel special that you spent time putting together something for them. Make a sign with their volleyball number on it, or a sign with pictures of your child in their team colors. The more personalized it is, the more meaningful it will be to them.

Start A Chant

Chants at volleyball tournaments are a great way to get everyone involved and cheering for their team. It could be before, after, or even during the game. See if you can meet with the other parents before the game to brainstorm some cheers that will work with their team theme.

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