Rocky Mount Event Center Takes a Look at a Brief History of Volleyball

Rocky Mount Event Center: A Brief History of Volleyball

There’s nothing like the thrill of playing volleyball. At Rocky Mount Event Center, we’re big fans. That’s why we’ve created a world class sports facility for players and fans alike. From tournaments to camps to clinics, Rocky Mount Event Center is your destination for all things volleyball. But what’s the history of this great sport? Who thought it up? What are its origins? Read on fellow fans, and we’ll answer some of your questions.


In 1895, a YMCA physical education instructor in Holyoke, Massachusetts named William Morgan created a new game called mintonette. The game was for older members of the Y who found other games a little too energetic and wanted a game of skill rather than strength to keep them physically fit. The name mintonette, however, never really caught on. During a demonstration of the game, another YMCA instructor observed that there was a lot of volleying going on in the court. This observation led to the name volleyball becoming the common name for the game.

Publishing the Rules

The athletic league of the YMCA of North America published the first official rules in 1897. Volleyball caught on pretty quickly after the publication of the rules. That same year Spalding made a custom ball for the sport. Over the next few years, the ball was redesigned a few times to change the weight and circumference, and volleyball began to spread to other YMCAs as well as various U.S. colleges. Volleyball was soon played in Cuba in 1905, Japan in 1908, and China and the Philippines in 1910.

The United States Volleyball Association

By 1920 the rules of volleyball had been tweaked and redefined several times. However, by this time the sport was becoming more established as a college game throughout the U.S. 1928 saw the creation of the United States Volleyball Association, which was accepted by the NCAA. That same year the first national men’s tournament was held.

The Olympics and Beyond

Volleyball has been a part of the Summer Olympics program for both men and women since 1964. The 1960s also saw the creation of a new type twist on the game — beach volleyball.  Similar to regular volleyball, this variant was reduced to two players each and played on sand.

Today, Volleyball fans have reason to celebrate, as it has become one of the world’s most popular sports. With approximately 900 million people worldwide who call themselves fans, volleyball has taken its place alongside football, baseball, and basketball as one of our favorite sports.

At Rocky Mount Event Center We Know Volleyball

Volleyball is one of our favorite sports, too. At Rocky Mount Event Center we have a world-class volleyball facility. Whether it’s a tournament, a camp or a clinic, contact us today about becoming your volleyball destination.