Rocky Mount Event Center Looks at Some Skills Your Child Will Learn at a Basketball Clinic

Rocky Mount Event Center: Skills Your Child Will Learn at a Basketball Clinic

There is something very special about basketball. Whether it is the swish of the net or the sound of the court, or memories of playing this sport with friends, Rocky Mount Event Center loves the game of basketball. Whether a tournament, a camp, or a clinic, basketball is a pillar of Rocky Mount Event Center.

And speaking of a basketball clinic, in today’s blog we are going to look at some of the skills that your child will learn at a typical basketball clinic. These are skills that will often help your child on and off the court.


To be a great basketball player you have to start with fundamentals, and dribbling is definitely a fundamental of this game. In basketball, you need to keep moving, and if you have the ball, it needs to keep moving with you. Typically the kids start by dribbling the ball while they are standing still, and this helps develop hand-eye coordination. Eventually, kids will start to add in their own motion, dribbling the ball as they make their way up and down the court.


Most kids love to shoot the ball, and your child will eventually practice their shot. They’ll take part in a number of shooting drills and practice different kinds of shots at a clinic, including layups, jump shots, hook shots, bank shots and free throws.


Basketball involves players moving up and down the court, often dodging opponents. Players often twist out of the way of opponents while shielding the ball. Defenders need to always be aware of what’s happening on the court and how to adjust. While the net is certainly an important part of basketball, gameplay requires a great deal of agility. Your child will work on their footwork through a number of drills designed to improve their offensive and defensive play.


Basketball definitely meets the definition of teamwork, and an essential skill your child will work on is teamwork. At a basketball clinic, your child will have ample opportunity to learn teamwork by participating in drills with partners and groups. Basketball clinics afford kids the opportunity to work together, developing, not only basketball skills but life skills too.


Learning and applying the rules is key to any sport. Learning the rules in a sport will help teach kids self-control and discipline. A player who disregards the rules will not stay on the court very long, nor will he earn the respect of his peers. Practicing self-control and following the rules on the court can also be applied off the court.

Let Rocky Mount Event Center Be Your Basketball Destination

At Rocky Mount Event Center, we are passionate about basketball. Our sports facility utilizes over 75,000 square feet of uninterrupted playing space to contain up to eight basketball courts. We also have the option to convert to a master court for championship games. Whether a camp, a clinic or a tournament, contact Rocky Mount Event Center for all things basketball.