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How to Plan a Great Corporate Retreat – Rocky Mount

Corporate retreats can be infamously unpopular with employees. Sometimes too cheesy or sometimes too serious, they are often perceived as a waste of time. If you’re planning a corporate retreat, you should make sure that it’s an event that your employees find beneficial. Read our blog for some tips for planning a useful and memorable retreat for your team!

Pick a Venue That Can Accommodate Your Team

Depending on the size of your company, you may need to reserve a large space for your corporate retreat. Most of your days will be filled with business enhancing lectures or activities that require a meeting space. At Rocky Mount Event Center, we have a multitude of rooms for you to choose from. From crowds of thousands to more intimate gatherings, we have rooms that fit every need. Come and visit our spaces. We’re confident that we can find something to suit your needs!

Have Clearly Defined Goals

Before embarking upon the retreat, you should decide what the goals of the event are. Are you hoping to get everyone more excited about their work? Hoping to build camaraderie amongst coworkers? Whatever your goals are, make sure they’re well-defined so that you can communicate them to the group.

Cater to All Personality Types

You will have a mixture of introverts and extroverts at your retreat. While extroverts might be excited to engage in more social activities, this can be stressful for introverted team members. Make sure to include some activities that don’t put them on the spot or require them to go beyond their comfort zone. A mixture of events is best in a group of varying personality types!

Make Sure There is Downtime

Don’t overwork your people. While you want to accomplish your goals and make sure people are learning, you don’t want to exhaust everyone. Making sure people have time to rest and mingle is essential for creating a pleasant atmosphere. No one wants to be in meetings all day long.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

After the retreat is over, remember to follow up with your employees. This lets everyone know that you took things seriously. Remind them of the progress that was made, the issues brought up, and how you plan on implementing improvements and changes. This will help people feel like the time spent on the retreat was useful!

Host Your Retreat at Rocky Mount Event Center

Consider hosting your event at the Rocky Mount Event Center facilities. In addition to great conference spaces, we also have a ton of activities that allow your employees to engage as a team and enjoy in their downtime. Contact us today or browse the website to learn more about what we have to offer!