The Top 5 Etiquette Rules to Follow at an Arcade

The Arcade Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Follow

Video game roots run deep in North Carolina. NC boasts worldwide development firms like Epic Games and Funcom (headquartered in Cary and Durham, respectively), many local “barcade” venues, as well as great gaming conventions. The fact is, video games and arcades in North Carolina are extremely popular. But for those of us who don’t frequent the arcade scene, many are simply unaware of the unwritten rules of arcade etiquette. Today, the team at Rocky Mount Event Center will share some of these etiquette tips so you don’t accidentally become “that guy” at the arcade.

Try Not to Hog One Machine

If things are busy at the arcade it can be a good idea to not lock down a single game for long periods of time. We know that it’s not every day you get to play some of the arcade classics. But it is important to be respectful of the people around you. If people are waiting nearby, it is a good move to finish your play and then give the next person a shot, or let them join up with you for multiplayer games. Not only does this result in a great experience at the arcade, but it’s also an excellent way to make new friends.

In the case of fighting or head-to-head games, general etiquette states that the winner gets to stay, with the loser rotating out to the next person in line. That said, if you’re an expert and dominating the competition, give others a chance to challenge one another after you win a few games.

Respect Other Visitors

We get it, tensions can run high when playing someone at your favorite arcade game. Competition can get anyone’s emotions high. But it is important to remember that everyone is here to have fun. Don’t taunt your opponent. Be gracious in victory and defeat. If the machine you are on is a 2-player game, give your opponent or gaming partner plenty of space. Keep the comfort of others in mind and everyone can have a great time at the arcade.

Respect the Machines

Speaking of enjoying your time at the arcade, remember to respect the machines. Nothing is worse than showing up for an afternoon of gaming and finding your favorite game is out of commission. Again, we know that things can get exciting, but don’t take out your frustration on the games. Keep foods and drinks out of the arcade. We are all here to enjoy the games, do your best not to ruin it for others!

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