How Clip N’ Climb Fosters a Love of Climbing

Get Your Kids Interested in Rock Climbing with Clip N’ Climb

Rock climbing and wall climbing have spiked in popularity over the past decade, in large part because they are a safe and fun way to get an excellent workout. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to promote an interest in climbing for children who are a bit nervous about leaving the ground. It may be a little scary at first, but at Rocky Mountain Event Center you can help them face their fears in a safe and fun manner.

Clip N’ Climb is the perfect way to introduce young ones to the sport of climbing. Our climbing pros at Rocky Mount Event Center would like to share our top tips for developing a love of climbing with Clip N’ Climb.

1 – Keep Things Fun

Whenever you are attempting to develop your children’s interests, it is important to avoid putting too much pressure on them. Remember, climbing is supposed to be fun. Keep things light-hearted if they get discouraged. As they learn and have fun they’ll naturally become more confident and engaged.

2 – Start Them Young

Start your children climbing when they’re young and they’ll be less likely to develop fears around climbing. The ideal age to bring your children to a Clip N’ Climb is around five years old, but if they are quick developers four years old is also fine. If they are younger than four, they may not have the height to deal with climbing and they may have trouble understanding the safety precautions.

3 – Don’t Rush Them

Every child progresses differently, and they will generally let you know when they’re ready for their next challenge. Avoid rushing them into any challenges they’re not comfortable with, and soon enough they’ll be passing you on the climbing wall.

4 – Learn Together

Children take cues from their parents and siblings. What better way to develop a love for climbing than to experience Clip N’ Climb as a family?

5 – Encourage Them When They Struggle

There will come a time when your child will reach a challenge they struggle to overcome. These moments are crucial for progress. Make sure you remain encouraging and supportive if they get down. Let them know that challenges are a part of life, and with enough practice and dedication they’ll eventually overcome.

6 – Bring Their Friends

Clip N’ Climb is perfect for birthday parties or playdates. Bring their friends to the adventure center and let them all learn together. Nothing motivates kids like their friends. If their friends aren’t interested in Clip N’ Climb, they are sure to find an activity they love at Rocky Mount Event Center.

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