A Few Tips for Arranging a Baby Shower

Rocky Mount Event Center was built to be the hub for entertainment, sports, and events in Rocky Mount, NC. We don’t just handle big events at Rocky Mount. We can also offer space for smaller, personal events like birthdays and baby showers. If you’re looking for somewhere unique to hold a baby shower, take a look at what Rocky Mount Event Center can offer. In this blog, we’re offering some tips for putting together an unforgettable baby shower.

Put Together a Guest List

Planning out a baby shower in advance in as much detail as possible is always a good idea. A great place to start is the guest list. Who do you plan to invite, other than the mom-to-be? Depending on whether or not you’re planning a surprise, you can consult with your guest of honor to make sure everyone she wants to be there is invited. Having a completed guest list ready can help you plan the rest of the event. Once you have a guest list, you can also design and send out invitations. The sooner you have a list of who is coming, the easier things will be.

Plan Your Budget

With the guest list ready, you can move on to determining a budget. This budget is going to include things like the venue, catering, gifts or party favors, and any transportation that might be needed (depending on event size and location). Having a budget in place will help you with things like decorations and specific menu items, too.

Come Up with an Itinerary

With your guests and budget ready, it’s time to start planning the event itself. What time do you want it to start? When should it end? When do you plan to arrive to set everything up, and will the guest of honor be with you? When is everyone going to eat? The more detailed you are with the planning, the better. You should also share your itinerary and planning with any venue staff in advance so they can be prepared, too.

Gather Your Supplies

The right event center will be able to provide catering and many of the essentials for a baby shower, but you should also plan the supplies you will need to provide yourself. From specific decorations to gifts and party favors, make sure you have everything ready to go. What kind of party favors do you give guests at a baby shower? Generally, small things like handmade soap or crafts are a great idea.

Book an Event Venue

You also need to book your venue in advance. When you have your baby shower planned out, contact your favorite venue to determine pricing and availability. Just like anything else, the sooner you book your event venue the better.

Hold a Baby Shower at Rocky Mount Event Center

Contact our event center team today to book your baby shower. If you’re looking for a great location to hold any kind of event, we can help. We offer services for conferences, concerts, sporting events, trade shows, meetings and much, much more.