Top 5 Event Venue Frustrations

Every day, thousands of large-scale event centers are booked for weddings, conventions, concerts and tournaments. When searching for the perfect event venue, clients know exactly what they’re looking for, but sometimes the venues just can’t (or won’t) deliver. Here are the 5 biggest frustrations of negotiating with event venues. Brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center!

1) Slow Response Times

A slow response time from venues can really frustrate potential clients. Planning a large event can be time-consuming, and event planners need specific details of a venue before they book, order, and arrange other details. When facilities are slow to respond, clients are more likely to start looking elsewhere. If you notice your event center lags in this department, it could be a small red flag of what is to come.

2) Not Providing Enough Information

It’s important for event venues to communicate openly with event planners and clients on their in-house services. Unclear services or lack of variety are often a deterrent to choosing a venue. Without complete transparency on venue limitations, extra costs or delays could creep up and ruin a budget.

3) No Flexibility

Clients want a venue that will work with them, not against them. Discounts, payment plans, and early access are all subjects that should be negotiated. While there are usually strict limitations on certain amenities, like Wi-Fi, utilities, and parking, clients are more likely to book venues that provide flexibility for the little things.

4) Not Tech-friendly

Venues today must be tech-friendly. Wi-Fi, large screens, in-house AV technicians, and sound systems are now expected of a state-of-the-art facility. From show-stopping wedding flash mobs to an annual tech conference for a booming business, venues should constantly increase the technological amenities they offer. The more your venue can cater to the modern necessities of guests, the more successful your event will be.

5) Poor Customer Service

Finally, poor customer service is the biggest frustration clients face when negotiating with event venues. Event centers must be customer-focused and offer outstanding services to retain the loyalty of their customers. Word of poor customer service can spread quickly, which is why honesty, transparency and consistency are the best practices for event venues.

Rocky Mount Event Center

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