Preparing Your Youth Athlete for a Volleyball Tournament

When your young athlete has a tournament coming up, the excitement can be palpable. They probably can’t wait to get out there and compete to the best of their abilities. So how do you help your young athlete get ready for the big event? There are plenty of ways you can prepare them and today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course, the team will have plenty of practices leading up to the tournament, so make sure they attend every practice and listen to what their coach recommends. This one might seem obvious, but practice is essential to success, so it’s worth mentioning.


You should be attempting to help your young athlete eat healthy year round, but specific nutrition planning right before a tournament can make a big difference in athletic performance. First things first, make sure they stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  The days leading up to the tournament, you’ll want them to eat a diet high in carbohydrates to keep their energy up. Avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat.

On the day of the tournament, you can keep their breakfast fairly light if they’re playing any morning games. If they have until the afternoon, a more substantial breakfast with some small snacks in between morning and when the game starts should suffice. Make sure the snacks are healthy, like granola bars or fruits. After the games, make sure they eat a healthy, high protein meal to recharge.


Make sure they get plenty of rest the night before. Around 8 hours of sleep is ideal. Too little sleep and they could lack energy for the game, too much sleep and they might be groggy after waking up.

Mental Preparation

The lead-up to a game can sometimes be a little anxiety-inducing. It’s important to relax and get in the right headspace. Have them listen to music, go for a walk, or visualize their success. These tactics can help to clear the mind and get your athlete ready for the game.

Warming Up

Make sure to get them to the game when their coach needs them there. They’ll make sure to warm them properly up before game time.

Come to Rocky Mount Event Center

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