A Glimpse Inside the Game Day Adventure & Arcade

Rocky Mount Event Center has become one of the best entertainment centers in North Carolina thanks to the Game Day Adventure & Arcade. This massive area has engaging features that are fun for all ages! Spend your day climbing high in the aerial ropes course, deep in the soft ball pit, or among the countless arcade games that make up the ground-level. Game Day Adventure & Arcade offers a one-of-a-kind experience that can make for hours of fun without leaving the Finley Center. In today’s blog, we look at the four main parts of the Game Day Adventure & Arcade.

Climbing Area

Climbing is the perfect way to put your strength and agility to the test as you scale intricate climbing walls throughout the complex. The themed climbing walls take the climber on an adventure as they bound from one route to the next, always having to change their strategy to get to the top. Rocky Mount Event Center utilizes safe and secure auto-belay devices so all the climbers need to do is clip in and take off up the wall!

Aerial Ropes Course

Looking for a challenge? Or maybe you want to face your fears? Game Day Adventure & Arcade’s indoor aerial ropes course challenges your balance with each step! These crisscrossing ropes located high in the air are perfect for an exciting highwire adventure — all in a safe environment! All it takes is a little training and you will be flying through the ropes course in no time!

Ballocity Soft Play Area

If you are looking for something low to the ground where you are free to run between activities, stop at the Ballocity Soft Play Area. This area is full of slides, tunnels, and obstacles for you to maneuver through as you climb and crawl to new spots in the play area. You will always find something new when you come back to the soft play area, and of course, you won’t want to miss out on the giant ball pit! 

Redemption Arcade

The Redemption Arcade is the perfect mix of skill, strategy, and luck, as you try out all of the action-packed games. It is the perfect environment to spend a day pressing your luck and trying to beat the high score on games you have loved since you were a kid. All you need to do is upload a dollar amount to your Game Day Adventure & Arcade card to give you access to these awesome arcade games!

Visit the Game Day Adventure & Arcade Today!

Rocky Mount Event Center wants to bring you a fun-filled afternoon, birthday party, team building activity, and more, whenever you visit Game Day Adventure & Arcade. Our amazing staff is there to accommodate and answer any questions you might have during your time spent with us. Make a reservation today, and Rocky Mount Event Center will happily serve you during your stay. Stop by the Rocky Mount Event Center today to see the Game Day Adventure & Arcade for yourself, or contact us for more information.