Exercises to Improve Your Wall Climbing Strength

Grip strength is the most important factor for rock climbers — sometimes it’s the deciding factor between a long fall and reaching the top. Climbers are serious about improving forearm and hand strength so they can make long, challenging climbs without their grip giving way. During an average rock climber workout, there are intensive exercises that target these key muscles in your arms, chest, back, and core. These are practiced each time they hit the gym to improve endurance, flexibility, and overall strength. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center looks at four different exercises you can do to enhance your wall climbing strength.

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One common piece of equipment you will see a lot of rock climbers use throughout the day is a gripper. A gripper is made up of a torsion spring and two handles. The handles rest comfortably between your palm and four fingers, and, by closing the gripper (touching the two handles together), you exercise your forearm and fingers. The key to this simple piece of equipment is repetition. The more you close the gripper throughout the day, the more you will exercise your climbing muscles.

Kettlebell Carries

Kettlebell carries, also known as farmer’s carries, are a simple way to improve grip strength that requires minimal equipment. Once you get to the gym or training center, grab two heavy kettlebells (one in each hand) and hold them to your side. The weight of these kettlebells will determine the intensity of your workout, so make sure to select a weight that is appropriate for you. After you pick the weights up, walk 100 meters forward, turn around, and walk 100 meters back. This might sound easy, but with enough weight, you will begin to understand how it can quickly build strength!

Bar Hangs

Hanging on a pull-up bar with your arms straight might sound easy, but after several seconds hanging, you will begin to feel them working! This simple exercise strengthens your forearms, hands, core, back, shoulders, and more, all without the complication of equipment and weights. To test your strength, see how long you can hang on the bar without dropping! This exercise will build up the strength that allows you to hoist yourself over the crest of a climb.

Plate Lifts

Plate lifts can be interpreted in several different ways; however, for a rock climber’s workouts, you will want to lift a plate with just your fingertips. Pinch the plate between your thumb and your four fingers, and attempt to raise it to your chest. This is a true test of grip strength and is one of the best ways to develop the finger strength needed for climbing.

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Train at Rocky Mount Event Center

Practice. Practice. Practice. While working on grip exercises at the gym is helpful, the best way to improve your strength is by practicing rock climbing. At the Rocky Mount Event Center, you can put your strength to the test in our one-of-a-kind rock climbing center. These themed climbing walls are a fun and exciting way to spend your day, whether with friends and family or just working to improve your rock climbing skills. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center to learn how you can start climbing today!