Volleyball Variations: Different Forms of Volleyball

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts regular volleyball tournaments for youth and adults. Our facility is designed to host championship-caliber volleyball games on regulation indoor courts. In today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center, we explain the different variations of volleyball played around the world. 

International Volleyball

International volleyball is the version you see at Rocky Mount Event Center. Each team has six players, and teams have a maximum of three hits on one side before they must hit it over the net. Points are scored on every rally. Each game is to 25 points with the deciding, final game going to 15 points if teams are tied at two games apiece in a five-game set.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball has similar rules for hitting as international volleyball. However, there are only two players on the court at once instead of six. If a player blocks the ball at the net, that counts as a hit (unlike indoor volleyball). The size of the court is smaller, and beach volleyball (as the name implies) is played outdoors. Although some facilities have indoor beach volleyball courts in which the floor is covered in sand to simulate a real beach. Imagine sand all over the floor of Rocky Mount Event Center!


Wallyball is a fast-paced version of volleyball played on a racquetball court. Players may carom the ball off the side wall when playing it into an opponent’s court, adding a new dimension to traditional indoor volleyball. However, if someone hits the ball onto the ceiling, back wall, or both side walls without it touching an opponent, the ball is considered out of bounds. Rocky Mount Event Center could use room dividers to make a wallyball court.


Bossaball is a relatively new addition to the world of volleyball. Created in Spain in 2005, bossaball combines volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. The game is played on an inflatable court with trampolines. Players may hit or even kick the ball over the net (kicking a volleyball is against the rules in international play). 


Jokgu is a combination of tennis, soccer, and volleyball, and it’s a very popular sport in South Korea. This version of volleyball has up to four players per side, but they can only play the ball with their feet. Jokgu is played on a grass court, traditionally, but you can play indoors and on a beach. The net is just a few feet off the ground, barely higher than a tennis net. Players can let the ball bounce once before returning it over the net with a powerful kick. 

Volleyball at Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts several volleyball tournaments throughout the year. We bring in teams from all over North Carolina and the region. Our family-friendly event center includes concessions, the Game Day Adventure & Arcade, and plenty of room for everyone.  Contact Rocky Mount Event Center or call (252) 231-3490 to find out more information about the latest volleyball tournaments.