Tips for Beginning Players on a Full-Sized Volleyball Court

Rocky Mount Event Center features 16 full-sized volleyball courts for tournaments. We host several premier tournaments a year, both on a regional and national level. Playing on a tournament court for the first time can be daunting for beginners. There are a few tips that any athlete, either a seasoned veteran or a new player, can keep in mind to stay focused on the court.

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Call “Mine” Even When It’s Obvious

Beginning volleyball players are always told to yell “mine” when they can make a play on the ball. On a full-sized volleyball court, the play can get hectic and fast-paced with so much going on at once. When the ball is coming your way, call out “mine” even when it’s obvious. As you get better at your volleyball skills, calling mine becomes an essential part of your in-game communications. Getting into the habit of communicating quickly and effectively with your teammates also builds up team cohesion. Being diligent about this callout can inspire other players to do the same and improve the quality of their play.

Play Until You’re Sure the Rally Is Over

Tournaments are loud, and it’s possible you may miss a whistle or a callout from your coach. You might hear fans cheering from one court over. There are whistles coming from every direction. Make sure to play until you’re 100% certain the rally is over. The referee might blow the whistle a second time. Your coach could call out to you to say the play is over. Don’t catch the ball during play because you might inadvertently end the rally when it’s really not over yet. It is better to keep your head in the game than to focus on listening to things happening outside the game.

Try to Use All Three Hits

You have three hits to get the ball over to the other side, and if the situation allows your team should use all three hits to give your team more scoring opportunities. While there are opportunities to score on the second hit, getting into the practice of aiming for three helps you spot these moments easier. The phrase practice makes perfect is a good motto to play by, but sometimes it’s perfect practice that makes perfect. Using all three hits per play lets your team practice the correct way to accomplish this on a full-sized volleyball court.

Let Your Setter Have the Second Hit

A typical volleyball play goes pass-set-spike. The set portion of that play should go to your setter, who is typically the most mobile and agile player on your team. Let your setter have the second hit unless they call for help. You may have a busted play, but having someone set the ball is better than letting the ball hit the floor. A full-sized volleyball court allows for plenty of room for player movement, and learning to adjust to using the space is needed for optimal play.

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Full-Size Volleyball Courts @ Rocky Mount Event Center

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