9 Top Tips on How to Prepare and Pack for Weekend Travel Tournaments

Are you preparing for this season’s tournament play? Chances are, you’re going to be traveling every weekend for the next several months. Forgetting important pieces of equipment or not sleeping well can cost you time, money and optimum performance. 

There is an art to effectively pack for any trip. If you’re backpacking across Europe, less is more. If you’re taking your entire family to a weekend tournament, more might be just enough. Today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center gives parents and teens nine tips on how to get organized, making every trip a winning one. 

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1. Create an Excel Spreadsheet  

When you receive your schedule from the coach, create an Excel spreadsheet. List the dates, locations and anything needed for the trip. This includes not only clothing and equipment, but also food, drinks, mobile devices, and entertainment. Print it out and use it as a checklist. This will help ensure you have everything needed when you pull out of the driveway. 

2. Book Hotel Rooms 

In cities and towns that are teaming up with tournament hosts, the hotel rooms can book quickly. The last thing you want to happen is wait to get a room only to find them completely booked. Now you have a tournament to attend but no place for your family to sleep. 

As soon as you get the tournament schedule, perform some Google searches to identify the hotel/motels in the area and which will best fit your needs. Once you have this, begin calling and booking immediately.  

When you have the rooms booked, add the information to the spreadsheet. Include hotel name, address, phone number, amenities, anything needed nearby like eating, pharmacy and entertainment. You may also want to include the price if you’re keeping a budget. 

3. Google Maps

Print out Google Map directions. Never rely solely on your phone. If your phone dies, breaks, or is lost, you will not have any way to direct you there. Also print out directions to the tournament from your hotel for the same reason. 

4. Check the Weather 

This is going to determine how you pack during and for life beyond the tournament. Pack appropriately for the weather, whether it’s warm, cold, or rainy. 

5. Pack Prescriptions

If you have a different medication or prescriptions for different people, divide them into separate plastic bags and label the outside with the person’s name. This will stop you from having to make a late night run to the local pharmacy. 

6. Element Packing 

Sunscreen, bugspray, personal misters, and umbrellas are among the most common items needed if you’ll be outdoors. Bleacher cushions will be a welcome comfort after several hours sitting in the stands. 

7. Equipment

Add a list of equipment to the spreadsheet. Make sure every item has been checked off. Having to run to a sporting goods store minutes before play to grab shoes or pads is not how you want to start the tournament. Pack these items separate and leave in the car. Then you can easily pull out when you arrive at the game, reducing the chance that something was taken out and left in the hotel room. 

8. Pack a Backpack 

Everyone in the car needs a personal entertainment bag. A backpack filled with laptop or mobile device, books, games, snacks and headphones will help keep the peace as you hit the highway. 

9. Food

Travelling can be expensive. Pack a cooler with what your family enjoys and what will offer high nourishment. Water bottles, juice packs, yogurts, fruit, meat jerky, and cheese are great options for healthy eating for competitive play. 

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