How to Get Enough Sleep During Weekend Travel Tournaments

One thing is certain, sleep is imperative for a big game and even more critical for weekend travel tournaments. Without sleep, athletes risk severe injury or subpar performance the day of the match. As a parent or coach with adolescents or adult players, you are always on the go. When times are tight things like traveling, practice, and leisure take a toll on your body. Sometimes proper sleep is sacrificed as a result. Do not let rest be one of those sacrifices. In today’s blog by Rocky Mount Event Center, we explore how to get enough sleep during weekend travel tournaments. 

Arrive A Day Or Two Early

As a coach or event supervisor, plan your weekend travel tournament with an additional day to give players enough time to rest and recuperate. The last thing you want to do is miscalculate time and arrive a few hours before a big tournament; that is a recipe for disaster! Planning an extra couple of days in between allows the players to relax and explore the surrounding area for stress relief, ensuring they adhere to their sleep routine, and practice schedules. 

Create a Schedule and Stick to it 

Planning is most advantageous when you are traveling with a big group for the weekend. Keeping up with the times and events of a schedule keeps everyone on the same track to monitor their activities and always remain one step ahead without any surprises. Planning meal times, leisure affairs, practice times, and most importantly sleep times keeps the team in rhythm while allocating enough time for a recuperation come game day. 

Prepare Ahead Of Time: 

Waiting to pack all the essential items until the night before is crucial, NO! Packing and planning all your game day essentials the night before could overlap with your sleep time. Make sure you have everything set out for your competition ahead of time so when you wake there is nothing to worry about. Following these simple yet effective sleep tips will set you and your team up for a fantastic event and for future weekend travel tournaments to come. 

Kick Off Your Weekend Travel Tournaments With Rocky Mount Event Center 

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