How To Navigate Our Indoor Sports Facility, Rocky Mount Event Center

Welcome to the Rocky Mount Event Center, North Carolina’s largest indoor facility designed for sporting events and entertainment hosting. This 165,000 square foot building leaves a lasting impression from our state-of-the-art designs and modern amenities, located in the heart of downtown. Experience the roar of the crowd during an athletic tournament or the premium vibrations of our quality sound system during your favorite concert or live event. 


Our North Carolina hub is a sight to behold that will leave you in awe and most likely leave you walking in circles. We have many rooms and layouts in our facility that make it hard to navigate if you are not familiar with the design. If you plan on visiting one of North Carolina’s biggest attractions, stay tuned. In today’s blog, our experts at the Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss the best methods of navigating our indoor sports facility. 


Experience an Online Guided Tour 


If you plan to visit for a weekend travel tournament with your athletic team or just curious patrons, the Rocky Mount Event Center offers videos with added commentary from our executive team. Our guides will walk you through the best components of our facility, giving you a first-hand view of the indoor facility to remove any surprises or confusion you might face searching for a specific area. Immerse yourself in our video tour and feel like you’re already there experiencing Carolina culture. Click this link to access our online guided facility tour. For any additional questions, leave a comment or email our customer service department


Download Our 12-page Facility Guide 


The Rocky Mount Event Center is so large; we offer a 12-page guide you can download online to prepare you before your special event or sports tournament. In this online brochure, you will find information on floor layouts and capacity, mapping locations, conference room areas, and more. Fill out some quick information in our online form to gain exclusive access to our superb indoor sports facility. 


Attend One Of Our Upcoming Events 


Learn the ins and outs of our institution by navigating the facility in person. Get hands-on experience promenading our center and exploring the world of sports and recreational wonder. Attending one of our live events or concerts is a great way to see the facility with your own eyes, taking in the heights and size of the building. To view the list of upcoming events at the Rocky Mount Event Center, click this event link here. 


Contact Rocky Mount Event Center For More Facility Information


Join the Rocky Mount Movement today and experience an indoor sports facility as you’ve never witnessed before. We designed our establishment for high-caliber tournaments and extravagant events for a positive experience you can boast about to your friends and family. Enjoy elegant dining and fun activities for everyone in a prime downtown location and absorb the comforting feels of 

North Carolina. If you are looking to book your next concert event or sports tournament at our premium facility, contact us online or call 252-231-3490 for more details.