4 Reasons Why Rocky Mount’s Indoor Volleyball Courts Can’t Be Beat

Millions of people play volleyball, making it one of the top ten sports globally. Volleyball is a high-energy sport and ideal for players that love the thrill of a fast-paced game. Rocky Mount Event Center is a top-tier sports facility for volleyball and entertainment. Read on to learn 4 reasons why Rocky Mount’s indoor volleyball courts can’t be beaten. 

We Offer Space for All Volleyball Camps and Competitions.  

Our 165,000-square-foot facility can accommodate any large-scale event. Whether you have 200 or 500 volleyball players, the event center is the perfect place to host your sports activities. Our indoor volleyball courts and rocky mount services bring convenience and fun to one place. There’s plenty of space, whether an 8-week camp or an annual volleyball competition. We also offer in-house catering! Enjoy a delicious meal after a long day of sports training. Get in touch with our venue to book your next volleyball camp. 

Enjoy Our Game Day Arcade In-between Volleyball Matches 

Game Day Adventure & Arcade leaves something for everyone to enjoy. 

Explore games, obstacle courses, rock climbing walls, and more in-between games. Indulge in fun and adventures while waiting for your next volleyball match. Rocky Mount Event Center is a premier destination for hosting your volleyball events. 

Rocky Mount Sports Facility Hosts the Largest Volleyball Tournaments Around 

The Rocky Mount Event Center is far from your average venue. We’ve designed our facility to host the most significant sports tournaments in Rocky Mount, NC, and surrounding areas. The facility accommodates over 16 different playing courts at once for all matches. Play in over 75,000 feet of facility space with suitable net heights for aerodynamic serves in our master court. 

We’ve combined our high-quality standards with a thrilling atmosphere for safety and performance. Learn more about how Rocky Mount Event Center can host your grand or small-scale sports event. 

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We Have Indoor Volleyball Courts Appropriate for All Playing Levels

Rocky Mount hosts various events, including professional or amateur sports tournaments. Luckily for group activities or junior sports, our facility caters to players of all ages. We carry adjustable nets and equipment for large or small persons. Players adapt to a professional facility without feeling overwhelmed by physical limitations or spacing in our indoor volleyball courts.

Host Your Next Sports Tournament, Camp, or Team-Building Event at The Rocky Mount Event Center 

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a venue that offers high-performance indoor courts, caters to groups of any size, and accommodates your needs. The Rocky Mount Event Center is a state-of-the-art facility for various events. Bring your team for leadership building, sports camps, games, athletic conditioning, etc. Visit our website for more information about Rocky Mount Events hosting your next event.