4 Reasons that Our Basketball Courts are a Slam Dunk

Whether you’re shooting hoops with friends or playing a game of 21, an indoor basketball court is a perfect place to get your game on. Rocky Mount Event Center is the premier location for your next tournament or camp, and we want to show you why our facilities are a slam dunk.

We’re Experts at Hosting Tournaments

Our facilities are equipped to host small, local tournaments all the way to regional or national Basketball tournaments. Our indoor facilities have enough room for plenty of friends and family to watch players become champions. Basketball tournaments can form memories that last a lifetime, and we offer a place for any level of competition, all ages, and both boys and girls.

You can take full advantage of the amenities at Rocky Mount Event Center, as we offer a wide variety of concessions options, four locker rooms, and five team meeting rooms.

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Our Facilities Will Take Your Players to the Next Level

Rocky Mount Event Center is also perfect for Basketball camps where players can train their skills and prepare for competition. Hosting a camp indoors gives you the ability to train your players year-round, especially during the off-season to get an edge over your competition. Players can improve their game on a court with the same playing conditions every session.

We Have Enough Space for Eight Full Basketball Courts

Our Facilities boast over 75,000 feet of continuous play space, enough to contain up to eight basketball courts. Basketball is one of our pillar sports, so you can feel the passion and love we have for the game when you step onto the court. If you book our facilities, our space can be converted into a master court for championship games.

Our Courts Are Cool and Comfortable

Hosting a tournament in an indoor Basketball facility comes with a number of benefits. For starters, hosting indoors means that outside factors such as temperature, humidity, or weather conditions won’t influence scheduling or rounds as the matches take place in cool, climate-controlled facilities. Amenities like air conditioning, bright lighting, and water fountains keep players at the peak of their game.

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Book Your Next Event at Rocky Mount Event Center

The Rocky Mount center is perfect for visitors looking to experience the city or residents wishing to book a tournament or camp. The venue is centrally located in Rocky Mount, NC. We host events including concerts, conferences, weddings, and even birthday celebrations. Visit us online to book your next event with us.