Finding the Best Seats for a Concert

Concert crowd with silhouettes of people hold their hands up

Concerts are some of the most fun events to attend. The loud music and dancing will turn any night into a blast! When you are at the concert venue or are looking at purchasing tickets, it’s important to get the tickets in the best location. But where are the ideal seats at a concert venue? […]

What to Wear to a Concert Venue (and What to Leave at Home)

People enjoying a concert

Going to a concert is a great experience. Everyone loves seeing their favorite artists perform live. However, the experience can be marred a bit if you’re not dressed comfortably for the occasion. If you’ve ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t wear at a concert, Rocky Mount Event Center is here to help. Where and […]

Are You Following These Concert Venue Etiquette Tips?

Close-up of man playing the cello

While classical music may seem like something from a bygone era, modern classical concerts are still a very exciting and important part of musical culture. If you’re thinking about attending a classical concert, read on for some etiquette tips to follow when you arrive. Dress Appropriately There are expected dress codes at an opera or […]