Top Hotels Near Rocky Mount Event Center

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Hotel stays offer a convenient and safe way to travel. Take your vacation experience to new heights for you and your traveling companions with a breath-taking balcony view or a delicious continental breakfast. 

Rocky Mount Event Center Explains Tournament Season

There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of tournament season—the smell of artisan concessions in the air, the thundering of athletes racing across courts, and the nearly deaf eardrums from the screams echoing from the stands. It’s an incredible time, and the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the care of a […]

Volleyball Tournaments, Camps, and Competitions with Rocky Mount

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Shared passion fuels the sports season among fans in the stands and players on the field. Rocky Mount Event Center thrives on this electric energy, which is why we built the most incredible sports and sports tourism complex in the area to support it. Today’s blog will focus on one specific sports feature: volleyball.

Have Your Next Holiday Team Building Experience at Game Day Arcade, Rocky Mount

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Blowing off steam during the holiday season is a great way to build rapport with your team members. Have you considered doing an aerial team-building exercise? Or maybe climbing a rock wall? We have these suggestions and more for you in our blog today with Rocky Mount Event Center. Game Day Arcade is full of […]

Having a Family Reunion With Lots of Kids? Rocky Mount Event Center Has Your Back

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Extended family reunion planning is full of bustle, especially around this time of year with holiday after holiday approaching. Our staff at Rocky Mount Event Center understands this, and is happy to help with your event planning for your next reunion! In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how easy it is to plan an event the […]

Host Your Next Sorority Social With Us at Rocky Mount Event Center

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Our team at Rocky Mount Event Center is full of dynamic sports, event, and hospitality experts that share a passion for travel experiences. This is how we are able to provide so many high-quality services to clients from New York to Miami and more! We specialize in large event planning such as weddings, conferences, even […]

Host Your Trade Show With Us at Rocky Mount Event Center

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Rocky Mount Event Center has a spacious, professional atmosphere, making it the perfect place to host your trade show. Located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, our venue is easy to find, provides plenty of parking, and has what you are looking for to host your event. Let Rocky Mount Event Center show you the benefits […]