Birthday Parties at Rocky Mount Event Center: Choosing Your Package

Birthday Party

Birthday Parties: Which Birthday Package is Right for You One of our specialties at Rocky Mount Event Center is birthday parties. We have several awesome birthday packages that are sure to provide your child with a birthday memory they won’t soon forget. But which of our birthday party packages is the right one for your […]

Why Rocky Mount Event Center is the Perfect Place to Host a Dance Competition

Dance competition

Why Have Your Dance Competition at Rocky Mount Event Center Dance competitions are some of the most exciting events around, and they become increasingly popular each year. These high-energy competitions need to be held in a quality event space with plenty of room for spectators. Rocky Mount Event Center is set to offer this event […]

After You Book Your Wedding Venue: How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Money for Wedding Expenses

Tips from Your Wedding Venue: Saving Money on Your Wedding Your wedding venue will probably be one of your biggest expenses when planning your wedding. Of course, it’s also one of the most important parts of your wedding day. But after you’ve booked your wedding venue, you’ll probably be looking to save money elsewhere. Today […]

Sponsors at Rocky Mount Event Center


Rocky Mount Event Center: About our Sponsors Here at Rocky Mount Event Center, we’re extremely proud to be partnered with some businesses that truly add something special to our facility. We’re glad to be working with these awesome businesses and wanted to take some time to highlight them today in the Rocky Mount Event Center […]

Shooting Drills to Run on the Basketball Court

Shooting a Basketball

Shooting Drills for the Basketball Court Everyone wants an edge when they step on the basketball court. But there’s no secret to becoming a better player. Practice makes perfect is an old adage, but there’s a lot of truth to it. This is especially the case when it comes to improving your shooting skills. A […]

Defensive Formations to Run in Your Next Basketball Tournament

Playing defense

Defenses to Use in Basketball Tournaments Running the right defense can make all the difference when your team is playing in a basketball tournament. Of course, running the same defensive formation throughout the game won’t work. You need to keep the offense on their toes and run different defenses to throw them off and disrupt […]

Breaking Down the Positions on a Volleyball Court

Volleyball Player on Court

Volleyball is fast-paced and dynamic. Watching a game of volleyball can be exciting, but you may be wondering what positions they’re playing on the volleyball court. Unlike football and basketball, people may not be as familiar with the various positions in volleyball. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we’ll explain the names of […]

Wedding Venue To-Do List: Creating Your Invitations

Wedding Invitation

After Booking Your Wedding Venue: Making Invitations After you book your wedding venue, there’s still a lot to do. Booking your wedding venue was an important first step, but now you’ll need to start making your invitations. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Rocky Mount Event Center blog. We’re here to […]

Picking the Right Basketball Shoes for the Basketball Court

Basketball shoes

Choosing Basketball Shoes for the Basketball Court Skills and practice are what make a great basketball player, but even the best basketball player won’t be at the top of their game if they don’t the right shoes. Basketball shoes are designed for performance and comfort, and choosing the right pair is certainly important. So before […]

What to Do at the Event Center: Get Your Workout in by Climbing

Climbing on a Wall

Event Center Activities: Why Climbing is a Great Workout Working out isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do. Getting yourself to go to the gym on a set schedule can be difficult, and doing the same boring workout over and over again can get repetitive. If this is happening to you, maybe it’s time to […]