Sports Tournaments – Quidditch

How to Start a Quidditch League!

Thinking of starting a much-needed quidditch league in your community? Have no fear! From players to fundraising, here’s a step-by-step guide to organizing and overseeing a successful Quidditch league. Brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center.

Step 1) Assemble Your Players

The first step in your quidditch adventure is to assemble your participants. Quidditch requires 8 players per team, as follows:

  • 1 Keeper
  • 3 Chasers
  • 2 Beaters
  • 1 Seeker
  • 1 Snitch

You’ll want to recruit some backup players as well, for injuries and substitutions. And don’t forget about referees, either! Quality referees will make all the difference. Try to find a couple refs that are familiar with the game, as they will make fair calls and enforce rules, legitimizing your league. Official game rules and guidelines can be found online with the International Quidditch Association.

Step 2) Find Quality Equipment

Quality equipment will ensure that all players have a great experience. If you choose to invest in new equipment, you won’t have to worry about faulty brooms, balls, and hoops until well into the season. Since Quidditch is a lesser known sport, you may need to assemble balls and brooms from a variety of sources. But if they’re good quality, the brand shouldn’t be an issue.

This is also an opportunity to assemble your uniforms! If you can find a sponsor, you could funnel some funds into this department. Otherwise, nice-looking cotton uniforms are all you need to truly represent your team.

Step 3) Fundraise/Promote

The next step of starting your league is to build a community of players. Spread the word around your community with flyers, team auditions, and social media. Even if you don’t recruit players this way, friends and family are free promoters!

Social media has the power to spread knowledge faster than any other media platform. Start by creating and maintaining a Facebook page or website to direct potential players to your league. From here, you can fundraise, promote Quidditch awareness, and assemble players.

Step 4) Secure a Facility

Find and book a facility that will be home to the league throughout the season. Quidditch can be played indoors and out, so impending weather should be a large consideration when selecting a facility or field. It’s also important to consider location and monthly fees associated with your playing field. Ideally, your league would be held in a central location for convenient travel and access.

Step 5) Enjoy Your League!

Unlike America’s favorite past-time sports, such as Baseball and Football, Quidditch is a new and exciting sport from the world of Harry Potter. With a little time and effort, you can start an official league in your community and help educate others on the growing popularity of the sport!

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