What to Expect From Competitive Dance Events at Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount Event Center is the premier event center in eastern North Carolina. We host hundreds of gatherings every year, including competitive dance events that last over an entire weekend. Today’s blog from RMEC goes over what to expect from a competitive dance event. 

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Several Styles

There are several styles of competitive dance around the world today. Contemporary, modern, hip-hop, and acrobatic dance are some of the most popular types you’ll see at Rocky Mount Event Center. These are marked by high-energy movements, coordination in a group, and modern music playing over loudspeakers. Occasionally, you may also see tap, lyrical, ballet, and jazz dance. 

Group of Judges

Dancers perform in front of a group of judges who critique each routine based on several standards. They’ll assign a numeric score to each dance team. By the end of the competition, the top dance team will have the highest scores. 

Multiple Days

Competitive dance events usually last more than one day. The reason is dancers perform more than one routine throughout the competition. You may see one group compete on Saturday morning, then see them again on Sunday but dressed in different costumes and performing a completely different set with another type of music playing in the background.

Various Groups

The most popular type of competitive dance is with large groups (a dozen or more) dancers moving in coordination with each other. Judges look for how well the dancers move throughout the routine in relation to each other and in relation to the music. 

However, you may see solos, duets, and trios performing in competitive dance events. These may have different criteria upon which judges assess the performances. You’ll have an opportunity to witness dancers who put a lot of work into their sport. Dancers are usually grouped in with peers of their own age group or skill level, meaning younger dancers (ages 7 to 10) would compete with each other, as would teenagers who are more advanced.

High Energy

One thing you’ll definitely experience while attending a competitive dance event is the high energy from everyone who performs. Get ready for lots of smiling faces, acrobatic moves, clapping and cheering from the audience, and some highly skilled physical moves. You can tell that the dancers put their hearts and souls into their routines.

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Competitive Dance @ Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts several competitive dance events throughout the year. You could see local or regional competitions that lead to a major national event in the future. No matter what, you’ll see a lot of energetic, smiling faces after each routine!

Contact Rocky Mount Event Center or call (252) 231-3490 to get more information about our competitive dance events.