Nationwide Youth Sports Facts & Figures Presented by Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center is designed to host events, clinics, competitions, and tournaments for basketball, volleyball, and dance/cheer. We specialize in youth sports for local, regional, and national events at our premier indoor sports facility. Today, we take a look at nationwide facts and figures behind youth sports. 

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As of 2018 and according to the Aspen Institute, 4.2 million children participate in basketball as a team sport. That’s the top team sport participation among kids ages 6 to 12, eclipsing baseball and soccer. Both boys and girls play basketball. Around 14% of children play basketball. Kids only need a ball and a place to play without any special equipment like a bat, glove, or cleats. Basketball is both an indoor and outdoor sport, incredibly fun, and it’s easy to find nearby courts to play. Rocky Mount Event Center hosts basketball events year-round during a typical cycle.


Around 850,000 kids play volleyball, again as of 2018 and according to the Aspen Institute. Volleyball is a girls-dominated sport, probably because girls’ teams are more popular in middle school, high school, and college. Volleyball is a growing sport among kids. Just like basketball, you can play versions of volleyball indoors and outdoors (indoors on a court or outdoors on a sand court). 

Competitive Dance & Cheerleading

Competitive dance and cheerleading is one of the fasted-growing youth sports in America. 775,000 children competed in cheerleading in 2018. Although no statistics exist about competitive dance, this sport continues to grow. There are hundreds of traveling dance competition companies in the United States. In 2016 alone, 52,000 dancers participated in Showstopper, a traveling show that features more than 50 events in a year. Rocky Mount Event Center works with several competitive dance companies in a year to bring the high-energy events to Eastern North Carolina! 

Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is an $11 billion industry with more than 26 million sports visitors every year, according to the National Association of Sports Commissions. Rocky Mount Event Center is part of this vibrant, growing industry. We’re proud to bring some of the best events to our area and showcase what Rocky Mount hospitality is all about. 

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Sporting Events and Tournaments at Rocky Mount Event Center

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