Is a Traveling Sports Team Right for Your Child?

Rocky Mount Event Center is the premier indoor sports facility in eastern North Carolina. We host many basketball and volleyball tournaments throughout the year, including top-notch competition for middle and high school students. In today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center, we take a look at whether or not a traveling sports team is right for your child.

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Commitment & Passion 

How much does your child love his or her chosen sport? Does she want to prepare to play that sport in college or compete for a college scholarship? Having a firm commitment to a particular sport is the first step in deciding whether to join a traveling sports team. 

After that, it takes practice and hard work to maintain a spot on the team. Coaches can be very selective when choosing someone for a team.  Youth will need to balance school, homework, and other extracurricular activities, and parents and family may have additional time commitments, too.


Traveling sports teams may get sponsorships from local businesses, but not all costs associated with travel to and from tournaments may be covered by those sponsors. You’ll have to come up with money for meals, lodging, a player’s share of tournament entry fees, equipment, and possibly team uniforms.

Competitiveness, Maturity & Sportsmanship

Competition at tournaments for traveling sports teams takes it up a notch from school sports. Coaches can hand-pick players from anywhere rather than just those who attend a specific school. Can your child handle the ups and downs of tournament play? Your chosen team won’t win every game or every tournament. How does your child handle winning and losing? It takes mental toughness to play on a traveling sports team.

The Next Level

Perhaps you can try a traveling sports team for a few months to see how much your child likes it. If he or she does, you might consider a longer-term commitment aiming towards playing in college. Remember, there are always risks involved. Injuries, life circumstances, or a change in priorities may alter the plan of landing a college scholarship.

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Basketball & Volleyball at Rocky Mount Event Center

Traveling sports teams aren’t for everyone. If you want to get a feel for what the competition is like, Rocky Mount Event Center hosts some of the best basketball and volleyball teams in the region. Contact us online or call (252) 231-3490 to learn more about our upcoming events!