Healthy Eating Tips During a Weekend Travel Tournament

We’re calling all basketball moms! Or volleyball, dance, cheerleading, and wrestling moms or dads, for that matter. No matter your role or your child’s passion, if you’re the parent in charge of carting them around, you know all of the trials that come with it. An active lifestyle sometimes prevents being proactive about your meals. Our experts at Rocky Mount Event Center have some thoughts on how to stay fit while on the go.


A salad doesn’t exactly fit or stay fresh inside your purse. Is it even possible to stick to your diet as a soccer mom? 

Of course, it is. There are several ways to prepare to stick to your diet no matter what the course of the weekend brings. 

The schedule you get at the beginning of the tournament is rarely the one you end up with at the end. With wins and losses, forfeitures, and last-minute additions dictating your weekend, it can be nearly impossible to stick to a healthy eating schedule. 

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Start small by setting yourself up for success and packing healthy, non-perishable snacks you can enjoy while in town. Some ideas are almonds, freeze-dried fruits, pretzels, trail mix, or granola bars. It may be helpful to pack more petite and inconspicuous snacks in food bags.

Better yet, Rocky Mount Event Center has concessions in our facility! Talk to us about our healthy options.

You don’t want to enter a dual between hunger and an overpriced salted pretzel for your two snack options. 


Do some research on the area where you’re spending the weekend. If you find yourself with a quick forty-five-minute break between games, there’s no time to search for restaurants and scan their menu for healthy options. 

Do your research beforehand to find places with foods within your diet constraints and close to where you’ll be. This way, when the inevitable time crunch hits, you’ll know exactly where to go to fill up. 

For example, if you’re spending the weekend at Rocky Mount Event Center, you can stop by NABS Deli and Coffee Shop for their famous Chicken Salad. 


Cut yourself some slack. It’s never easy being on the road and a jam-packed schedule. If it isn’t possible to find a healthy option for every single snack and meal, it won’t be the end of your healthy streak. 

It’s most important to be a present and supportive parent to your athlete, even if it’s at the expense of a few calories over your limit. Balance this by eating healthy and exercising during the week, so if the choice isn’t yours during the weekend, it’s only a tiny step outside an otherwise healthy week. 

Most importantly, fuel yourself to cheer on your champion to the last game, match, or routine.

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Rocky Mount Event Center on Staying Fit on the Go

We understand the hectic nature of tournaments and everything else involved with breeding a future athlete. We’re happy to help in any way that we can, including with our concessions area. If you’re interested in learning more about Rocky Mount Event Center and how we can help you stay fit on the go, visit our website, or give us a call at (252) 231-3490.