Teenage girls playing indoor volleyball game

How Tournaments Prepare Youth Athletes for NCAA Basketball or Volleyball

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts youth basketball and volleyball tournaments on a regular basis. We’re the premier indoor sports facility in eastern North Carolina. If you have a youth athlete on a team that travels to different tournaments over the year, check out this blog post. RMEC discusses how tournaments prepare youth athletes for NCAA […]

Competitive dancer stretching with one leg in the air against the other

Stretches to Improve Flexibility for Competitive Dance

Competitive dance is full of quick turns, synchronized movements, and high energy. It takes hundreds or even thousands of hours of practice to achieve the perfect routine. Today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center takes a look at some stretches to improve flexibility for competitive dance. Related Post: What to Expect From Competitive Dance Events […]

Rocky Mount Event Center Competitive Dance

What to Expect From Competitive Dance Events at Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount Event Center is the premier event center in eastern North Carolina. We host hundreds of gatherings every year, including competitive dance events that last over an entire weekend. Today’s blog from RMEC goes over what to expect from a competitive dance event.  Related Post: What Do Judges Look for at Dance Competitions? Several […]

Three kids in a ball pit

A Glimpse Inside the Game Day Adventure & Arcade

Rocky Mount Event Center has become one of the best entertainment centers in North Carolina thanks to the Game Day Adventure & Arcade. This massive area has engaging features that are fun for all ages! Spend your day climbing high in the aerial ropes course, deep in the soft ball pit, or among the countless […]

Person playing an arcade game

5 Most Played Arcade Games

Arcade games and arcade centers have become the stuff of nostalgia. Arcade machines became wildly popular in the early 1980s after the success of still one of the most played games in 1978; Space Invaders. This addicting game started an upward trend in video games of the same style that continued into the early 80s. […]

Two teams playing Quidditch

4 Sports You May Have Not Heard Of

When you think of sporting events, some of the first ones that come to mind are soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. While these sports attract millions of fans and a large amount of publicity, what about the not-so-popular sports? You might not be aware of all of the strange sporting events you can attend in […]

Boy dressed as a pirate for his birthday party

5 Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Birthdays are a time to celebrate! Each year, whether you are excited to be another year older or not, your birthday will come around, so why not have a fun-filled party? When you were a kid, you probably counted down the days until your next birthday party. There are few things more fun than a […]

Group of friends playing sand volleyball

Differences Between Sand and Indoor Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that takes athleticism, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and skill. From the outside, many spectators don’t understand how sand volleyball and indoor volleyball are different. But if you are a player, there are too many differences to count! The transition from the hard floor to the cushioned sand is extremely difficult, even for […]

Team building activity of people holding up a rod

Do Team Building Activities Work?

You have probably been through some team building activities at least once throughout your work career, and if you haven’t, you must have when you were younger. Do you remember the team building activity being beneficial in any way? Or were you counting down the minutes until they were done?  Depending on how the activity […]

Returning a volleyball

Preparing Your Youth Athlete for a Volleyball Tournament

When your young athlete has a tournament coming up, the excitement can be palpable. They probably can’t wait to get out there and compete to the best of their abilities. So how do you help your young athlete get ready for the big event? There are plenty of ways you can prepare them and today […]